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The submission period is now closed
Please click here to see the program of the conference

  1. Deadline for the late breaker panel submission: January 31, 2015.
  2. Members per panel: A minimum of 3 panelists and a maximum of 6. The first panelist will serve as coordinator and moderator of the panel, being allowed to present a paper. Exceptionally, the conference's organization will unify two panels with similar topics, and will complete panels with individual papers.
  3. Each presenter will be given a maximum time of 15 minutes. Although a lecture can bear more than one signature, each lecture shall be performed by one person only. The maximum duration of each panel will be two hours.
  4. Apart from the quality and relevance criteria, the organization will grant priority to panels with participants from different countries and universities.
  5. One month after the deadline, panelists will be informed whether their panel has been accepted. Panelists will be granted until March 31, 2015 to pay the registration fee. After that date the panels where the members have not paid the fees will be automatically eliminated.
  6. Participants are restricted to one paper. Exceptionally, participants may be part of a maximum of two different panels.
  7. Language: We recommend the use of only one language in all the papers belonging to the same panel in order to encourage the public's participation, but panel discussions will be allowed to be conducted in several languages. Accepted languages are Spanish, English, Portuguese, and French.
  8. Topics: The conference is open to all of the discipline's fields: Applied Anthropology, Sociocultural Anthropology, Linguistics, Biological Anthropology and Archaeology.

    Note: Our norms are subject to modifications by the conference's organizing committee, as well as by AIBR's Board of Directors.

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Teoría del Cambio en Contextos Complejos (2ª Edición)
Jose Antonio Monje
Teoría del Cambio en Contextos Complejos (2ª Edición)

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Manuel Burón Díaz
El patrimonio recobrado.Museos indígenas en México

Juan Oliver Sánchez

Sinestesias. Brujería y hechicería en el Mundo Hispánico
Gerardo Fernández Juárez y Francisco M. Gil García
Sinestesias. Brujería y hechicería en el Mundo Hispánico

Revista Antropologías del Sur
Revista Antropologías del Sur

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Felipe Cárdenas-Támara
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