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AIBR, Revista de Antropología Iberoamericana

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56º Congreso Internacional de Americanistas (ICA)
Salamanca (España), 15 de julio, 2018

15th EASA Biennial Conference
Estocolmo (Suecia), 14 de agosto, 2018

IV Congreso Internacional de Antropología AIBR
Granada (España), 4 de septiembre, 2018

IV Congreso Internacional de Turismo Residencial
Alicante (España), 13 de septiembre, 2018

V Congresso Internacional Santuários - Museo Etnográfico de Castilla y León
Zamora (España), 17 de octubre, 2018

X MAAH (Medical Anthropology At Home) Conference
Poblet, Tarragona, (España), 18 Octubre, 2018

V Congreso Mexicano de Antropología Social y Etnología
Tlalpan, Ciudad de México (México), 23 de octubre, 2018


Noticias de antropología

Todas las Noticias Miembros AIBR Empleo y becas Congresos Premios y CFP

Edimburgo (Escocia): Lectureship in Medical Anthropology

The School of Social and Political Science at the University of Edinburgh is seeking outstanding candidates who will further the School’s reputation in Medical Anthropology. You will present a research profile in any theoretical or geographical aspect of medical anthropology, in both experience to date and in future potential, which is at the forefront of the field. You will also demonstrate experience, achievement and outstanding potential reflected in a growing personal teaching and supervisory portfolio. You will also be expected to play a full part in the collegial life of the Subject Group (Social Anthropology) and the School.

This full time, 35 hours, open ended position is available from 1st June 2017. Consideration may be given to this post being part time, however the part time nature of this post must not be less than 0.8fte (28 hours per week).

Salary: £39,324-£46,924 per annum.

Closing date: 5pm (GMT) 11th April 2017.

For further details and how to apply:

Social Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh

Social Anthropology offers undergraduate and postgraduate taught degree programmes, and has a flourishing cohort of postgraduate research students and post-doctoral fellows: currently about 200 specialist undergraduate, 70 Masters, and over 60 PhD students are taught and supervised by Social Anthropology staff. The staff profile has recently expanded to include 25 full-time members of staff.

The research work of staff and students spans a broad range of theoretical approaches and the prevailing attitude, reflected in the subject’s lively and popular weekly seminars, is intellectually challenging and non-doctrinal. Its key areas of distinctive and innovative research include work on the following themes:
Medical Anthropology
Anthropology of Politics and Law
Kinship and Personhood
The Anthropology of the Visual
Anthropology and Development
Policy-related research across a range of issues, including social development and resource management; asylum and immigration procedures; racism; and adoption policy.
Regional expertise - our areas of interest include Africa, South, East and Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America and Europe.
Social Anthropology at Edinburgh was ranked 3rd among UK Anthropology Departments in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework. Social Anthropology staff have obtained external funding from the ESRC, DFID, Leverhulme, Nuffield Foundation, AHRC, Wellcome Trust, European Research Council and other bodies both for individual and collaborative research.

Social Anthropology’s PhD students are part of a unique research training consortium, with colleagues from Aberdeen, Glasgow and St Andrews - the STAR Programme (Scottish Training in Anthropological Research), which has been incorporated into the Scottish Graduate School of Social Science, as hosted by SSPS at Edinburgh.

We seek to provide excellence in teaching; demonstrate genuine impact on the ‘real world’ of policy and practice; maximise our ratings in the Research Excellence Framework; and establish Edinburgh as one of the outstanding locations in Europe for research and study in Social Anthropology.

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Experimental Collaborations
Adolfo Estalella, Tomás Sánchez Criado
Experimental Collaborations


Humo, barro y cuero. Recorridos de la memoria
Gerardo Fernández Juárez
Humo, barro y cuero. Recorridos de la memoria

La fotografía colaborativa en investigación social
Paula González Granados
La fotografía colaborativa en investigación social

Revista Antropologías del Sur
Claudio Espinoza Araya
Revista Antropologías del Sur

Women's Participation and Leadership in Fisherfolk
Enrique Alonso-Población y Susana V. Siar
Women's Participation and Leadership in Fisherfolk

Etnografías multisituadas y transnacionales
Sandra Santos-Fraile y Ester Massó Guijarro (Eds.)
Etnografías multisituadas y transnacionales

Brujería y aquelarres en el Mundo Hispánico
Gerardo Fernández Juárez
Brujería y aquelarres en el Mundo Hispánico